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SRC is equipped to handle the full spectrum of early phase studies, offering access to vast volunteer pools and excellent turnaround times. In collaboration with a number of specialized clinical centers, we also undertake complex pharmacokinetic studies in patient population.

Our Clinical facility in Bangalore can dose upto 400 volunteers per month. Our Male volunteer database exceeds 10,000 and is constantly updated and has Female volunteer database of over 7,000. Our systems and processes are SOP driven and are in sync with global procedures and practices.We assure the highest level of data quality and safety to volunteers.

Additionally, we provide our clients with dedicated project management team who serve as a single point of contact. They assist in all aspects of the clinical studies and ensures timely and high quality execution of each project.

SRC currently has a 106-bed GCP compliant clinical facility (four independent clinics), and is capable of undertaking the following variety of clinical studies:

  • Ascending dose (assessment of dose proportionality)
  • Repeat dose (assessment of steady-state kinetics and multiple dose linearity)
  • Bioavailability and bioequivalence
  • Food Effect
  • Drug interaction studies
  • Special population studies
  • pH Monitoring studies
  • PK studies on controlled substance
  • Pharmacodynamic and PK/PD modeling


  • 106 bed clinical unit consisting of four independent access controlled clinics of 18 beds, 28 beds, 28 beds  and 32 beds, respectively
  • Large data base of eligible volunteers including healthy male/female population and special population e.g. post-menopausal women
  • Central monitoring by CC TV of all clinical areas
  • Dedicated sample collection/processing/storage areas with -20/-70 °C conditions
  • Three well-equipped emergency rooms and the facility is located close to super specialty hospitals
  • In-house cafeteria with dietician to plan and provide standardized and study specific diets
  • Comprehensive biosafety program to ensure the safety of the study participants and employees

The facility has 4 independent areas for subject housing, sample collection/processing, dining & recreation and 3 well-equipped emergency rooms. A team of experienced & qualified investigators supported by trained paramedical and clinical staff ensure that studies are conducted in a scientific and compliant manner, while ensuring the safety & well-being of study participants.

Special and Mixed Population

SRC offers the ability to recruit special population including post-menopausal women for specific studies. The patient population are recruited in association with clinical sites, in compliance with GCP, protocol and ethical requirements.

pH monitoring, Imaging studies and studies with controlled substances
We offer specialized clinical studies in collaboration with specialty hospitals.